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No post-partum depression this time -- THANK YOU!!!

I've always had a problem with depression, but after the birth of each child, I had horrible post partum depression. I heard about consuming the placenta for help with PPD, and I thought it was weird, but I was willing to try anything. I can't thank you enough for your services.  I've had NO post-partum depression after this delivery!  You have no idea what this means to me and my family, unless you've been through PPD yourself. I'm telling everyone to contact you for placenta support.  Don't take the chance of suffering with PPD. It's not fair to yourself or your family. Be there for your new baby. It is so important to be as healthy as possible after birth!   (M.H.)

Energy to burn!

I used your service after the birth of my fourth child. The placenta capsules gave much improvement over the other three recoveries.  I most noticed the tremendous energy I enjoy. And whenever I feel moody or sluggish, I realize that I haven't taken a capsule in a while.  I pop one and WHAM! I'm back in the saddle again!  I tell everyone about this service!  (C.S.)

My husband calls these my 'happy pills'!

Whenever I complain of no energy or when I get cranky, my husband says, "Have you taken your Happy Pill today?"  He can tell a big difference when I haven't had one in a while!  Once I had recovered from delivery, I weaned myself from the pills. But I take one now and then when I really need a boost!  I'm glad I have the Placenta Tincture to fall back on when the pills are gone!  (J.N.)

Not a Testimony ....just a very funny story!

On very rare occasion, one of our clients will have to argue a bit to get their placenta from the hospital. Recently, a client's doctor said he would give it to her directly after the birth. However, it somehow was placed in the hospital "biohazard" refrigerator instead of the client's cooler. When the client prepared to leave the hospital, the nurse said she couldn't have the placenta because it was a biohazard; it would be picked up by a local funeral home!!  Fortunately, our client's husband is a pastor and familiar with the local funeral homes. He asked one to pick it up and give it to him, which they agreed to do.  However, the young man who picked it up didn't know what a placenta was; he assumed it was a stillborn baby. The nurse handed it to him and said, "Did you know they plan to EAT this?"  He freaked out!  The placenta is safely encapsulated now, but this is an extreme example of what can happen in the rare instances when a hospital isn't cooperative!

Boo Boo Butt Baby Bottom Balm

I LOVE your Boo Boo Butt salve!  It works the best of any product I've tried. Thanks for giving us this gift with the capsules. Please tell me how I can buy more ASAP!

WOWZERS!  Loads of milk!!

My milk was discouragingly slow to come in, but one hour after taking my first placenta capsule, it came in full force!  No problem with milk supply now!  Thanks for doing what you do!!  (A.M.)

You guys are the best!

Thanks so much for the work you do. You guys are so easy to work with; you do it all!  All I had to do is give you the placenta -- and you did the rest! When I called, you came right away, worked quickly and quietly, and left me with the capsules and other goodies. The capsules do all I hoped they would. I will definitely use After Birth Service next time!

L.O.L. Labor Tincture

I decided to try your L.O.L Labor tincture; it was cheap enough, and I'll try anything that's natural and might ease the pain of labor!  I was delighted that my labor pains were remarkably less than our past labor!  I know every one is different, but seriously - the labor was manageable. Easy! I have about half the bottle left, so I'm using it for menstrual cramping as you suggested, and it's great. Thanks for making such an effective product! I'll be buying more!

The Pills are Amazing!!

I decided to have my placenta encapsulated back in July, after the birth of our second baby. Words justcan't express how GLAD I am that I decided to do this.  is amazing, knowledgeable, professional and just an overall joy to be around! For me, personally, the pills were nothing short of amazing. From increased milk supply, positive mood, INCREASED patience, etc.;  it was the best investment I could have ever made for my own health and happiness and for that of my children. I would encourage every mom and DAD to become informed and consider doing this. I would be MORE than happy to talk with anyone about my personal journey that lead me to this decision and elaborate on my personal experience with the service and the pills. If you're interested in chatting with me, or know someone who, please message me and we can arrange some time to talk! For the sake of your sanity, and post-partum enjoyment I would be MORE than happy to! :)  -Brandalyn Byler


I Strongly Encourage Anyone and Everyone to do This!

My BFF informed me of this when i was pregnant with my 4th baby, I told her that if she takes my placenta and shows up later with a bottle of pills, will be the only way i would do it ;o) so she did....
All i can say is that I am so thankful for my BFF :o) I have never had so much feel good after having a newborn, he is now 6 weeks old and since i am taking the pills i still have all the feel good parts of pregnancy, like beautiful nails and hair, great complexion and still have the GLOW.... not to mention the energy, i am breast feeding every 2 hours even at night while caring for 3 older children, i dont need a nap during the day, Im up at 6am and going all day long :o), in the hospital the doctor discouraged me from this, im so glad that my BFF was there to continue on with the encapsulation...
oh not to mention that with my last two babies i had some post partum depression... with this one i get up and shower, put on my make up, i exercise daily and just over all feel good....
I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to do this, It has made a huge difference to my mood and how i feel about myself :o)   -Carolyn Yang

Thank You - For the First Time, I'm Able to Enjoy my Sweet Baby!

I have been taking my placenta since Tuesday night when I was starting to feel the out of control weepies creeping in and knock wood...I am still emotional but so far not in any kind of depressed funk like I was by this time with my other two. I can't thank you enough for your services. For the first time, I am able to enjoy my sweet baby and the moments that go by much too quickly!!!
-Rachael Amos Johnson

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