After Birth Service


Placenta Encapsulation

Our fee for encapsulation includes not only the capsules, but also a cord keepsake, a watercolor placenta print, our Boo Boo Butt Baby Bottom Salve, and the first 70 miles in travel! -- $200

(Sometimes clients ask for a less expensive option, so we do offer a nice discount if the frozen placenta is shipped to us. This is MUCH easier than it sounds!  If you are interested, ask for details!)

Placenta Tincture

We urge our capsule clients to strongly consider adding on the placenta tincture. This 8 oz. tincture will provide the hormonal support you need for the rest of your life!  This is used when the capsules are gone ...when life takes a turn, and you struggle mentally, emotionally, physically or you just feel your hormones are out of whack (even menopause). We begin the tincture at the time of encapsulation, and it is completed and shipped six weeks later. This is the best ever bargain -- $40.

Child's Energetic Remedy

When we make placenta tincture, we can take it a step further and create a 'homeopathic-type' remedy for children (12C and 24C).  These 2 oz. remedies are likened to 'resetting the child to their factory settings'.  This takes six weeks and is labor-intensive, but a remarkable life-time remedy for your child -- $95.

Placenta Salve

At the time of encapsulation, we are able to use a small amount of the dehydrated placenta to make a custom placenta healing salve. This very nourishing salve is excellent on all areas of the body, including the fragile facial skin and areas of problem skin conditions.  2 oz:  1/$15 or 2/$25

Placenta Smoothie

Before we begin the encapsulation process, some mommies ask us to make a fruit and raw placenta smoothie. This way, they are able to immediately benefit from the placenta and jump-start their recovery. This is especially beneficial for those who have had a c-section, labor and delivery challenges of any kind, or a difficult post-partum recovery in the past (including depression). $13

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