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L.O.L Labor Tincture


L.O.L Labor: Well, OK ….maybe not LOL …but wouldn’t it be nice to be the one who gets to say, “FCOL, my labor wasn’t really that bad!’  Use of this pain-relief tincture may not have you laughing throughout labor, but it will definitely lessen the pain! Take one dropperful in water or warm tea at the onset of labor and as needed. Then you can be the one to say, “My labor was so easy!” (NNWW) 

Contains: organic alfalfa, bayberry, cayenne,ginger, white pine bark preserved in 80 proof Vodka. This product has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. (NUFF)”

 This one ounce bottle is plenty to keep you smiling through labor. In fact, you will have enough to help you with monthly discomfort when your menses resume after birth.

Because this product takes six weeks to complete, we don’t always have an adequate supply to meet the demand. Let us know if you would like to make this part of your birth kit. $13 includes shipping. Available while supply lasts.


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